Wednesday, March 18, 2009

:: 71 : I Know It Is Supposed To Be Colorful , But Currently It Is Dark ::

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Moi current situation is,if I could say it, as dark as charcoal..(i juz simply put it like so,dont care if it is a bit 'overacting'..who cares? Nobody except me... huh...over la tu...hahahaha...)
Very dark with no single light that I cannot find my way out of it..
U might want to guess d reasons , but I am very sure , u won't get the most correct answer..
There r so many questions in moi mind that I dont have any answer for any of them..
They hv been in my mind for months ago..
I am so confused..
I've been thinking so hard to find the reasons/solutions..
But nada..!
Why , why and why?
I pray n hope that God Almighty will allow some light pass through my situation so that I can figure out the possible reasons n solutions to my problems..
Oh God..please help me..please send me some guidance..
And please let me be stronger than I used to be..

And by the way..
Despite that 'dark situation' , I wish tomorrow will give me a more colorful moment since I am getting something from Mak..well , hope everything goes well's something I've been waiting for abt 4 months ago..let's just not reveal it now..once I've landed my hand onto that shiny thing, I will decide whether to tell or not..hehehe..

That would be all for now..
Will try to go online properly next time..(I haven't touch any laptop or desktop for 3weeks already..hmm.. :(

~ between SANDY of TARA and LUKE BRANDON of the Shopaholic Series , I miss Sandy more because Luke Brandon is always beside me ~

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